Transact-SQL PIVOT & UNPIVOT redux

That was awesome!! The presentation went well, although it did go 2 minutes over. It’s hard to top the feeling you get when the audience is engaged and asking a lot of great questions.

I’m glad I went with PIVOT & UNPIVOT as my first presentation. By pure luck, a couple of people in the audience had just used PIVOT to solve a reporting problem with it and some others learned about it for the first time. Better yet, at least one of them will be using PIVOT right away in their own work to get rid of the CASE nest that you get if you don’t use these clauses.

Thank you SD SQL PASS chapter and especially all of you who came out on a work night to listen to me go on for 15 17 minutes. It’s ok, we all know you really showed up for the PowerPivot demo. Great job Lakshmi.

As promised, the slide deck and scripts are also available.

Thanks for stopping by. I do enjoy hearing from you...