San Diego Code Camp 2011

Can I get a w00t!!!! It’s time for San Diego Code Camp 2011!

What’s that? You haven’t registered? That’s ok, come on down to UCSD and learn your derrière off! If nothing else, show up Sunday morning for a T-SQL double-shot.

I’ll be presenting PIVOT & UNPIVOT at 9am on Sunday and Common Table Expressions at 10:15. If you want to follow along with the demos or want to get your hands on the material after the fact, then you can download the files below. Don’t let the pre-posting of content fool you. There’s lots to learn that isn’t in those files.

SQL Server Data Rotation with PIVOT & UNPIVOT

Common Table Expressions

I look forward to meeting a lot of you at the event and at the dinners!

Thanks for stopping by. I do enjoy hearing from you...