My PASS Summit 2011 T-Shirt

PASS Summit 2011 was my first time at a PASS Summit. It was such a wonderful experience that I decided to make a custom t-shirt for it. The problem is that even with all of my 3XL real estate, I ran out of space. Why? There were so many things that made it such a great week.

“Edit the list!”, you say? Yeah, I tried that, but I feel so strongly about each of these that I’ll have to make due with this blog post. So, here it is:

I went to PASS Summit 2011 and all I got was:
• Educated by experts
• Reunited with old friends
• Dozens of new friends
• Greeted like a rock star at the welcome reception
• A chance to witness @Markvsql rip the roof off #SQLKaraoke
• An excuse to use Twitter
• A chance to meet with a ranking member of the KC DBA Mafia
• Hit by flying crustacean pieces at the Crab Pot
• Conversations with 3 regional mentors other that my own
• Pleasant greetings from the 2 nicest Andy’s you’ll ever meet
• Face-to-face with 30 MVPs in less than 10 minutes
• Solutions to my 2 trickiest technical problems at no extra cost
• A free book and a $25 Amazon gift card*
• Free consulting from SQL CAT
• Projected on a 30-foot screen with @ctesta_oneill and @retracement (
• The chance to see a vendor that premiered their product at our local user group show up on the expo floor in fine fashion
• Less than 30 minutes of awake usage of the hotel room per day

* Thank you very much, every vendor that sponsors us. We do know the without you, these events would be much fewer and farther between.

3 thoughts on “My PASS Summit 2011 T-Shirt

  1. Hi Phill. I was present at SQL Saturday this past week. I didn’t take your 0845 session, indecisive, I chose another. However I’ve been looking at your blog. Question; I’m pretty new to SS, coming from Business Analysis. I am preparing (20% ready) for the MCTS exam. You mentioned that you attended the summit – I just recently found out about this years PASS summit in Seattle, I would very much like to attend it and see the investment as worthwhile. Although there was much this past Saturday that was over my head I loved the environment and took a lot from the experience. Do you think PASS summit would be beneficial for somebody like me starting out? I see value in the new features and real world applications at the summit.

    Thank you for your time,
    Vinnie – Ventura, CA

    1. Regardless of skill level, anyone who uses the SQL Server technology stack on a day-to-day basis would benefit greatly from attending the PASS Summit.

      There is a lot of content at each experience level. You may want to spend the most time with the 100/200 level sessions, but don’t be afraid to jump into the occasional 400/500 session. This is especially true for sessions related to your primary area of interest (DBA, ETL/SSIS, reporting, etc.).

      Also, you can purchase the session recordings, which covers every main conference session. It is a very handy reference throughout the year (and beyond).

      If you want to get a good taste of the type of content you’ll see at the Summit, then check out the 24 Hours of PASS coming up tomorrow ( Don’t worry if you don’t get to see the sessions live, you can also go back and view sessions from previous 24 HOP events. Also, there’s usually a Summit discount code in those 24 HOP presentations to help with the cost a little bit.

      Thank you for coming out to SQL Saturday and I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’d never be put off if someone chose another session over mine. It’s a tough choice for every time slot at every such event I’ve ever attended. Also, if you’re close enough to San Diego, I’d encourage you to attend the monthly user group meetings. They’re held the 1st Thursday (BI) and 3rd Thursday of every month. The best way to keep track of it is through LinkedIn. Note that we’re not having a meeting this week, but will resume the main groups’ meetings on Thursday, October 18.

      Main Group =
      BI =

      If you decide to attend the Summit, this is a good chance to meet some local faces. Also, you should sign up as a first-timer and participate in those activities.


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