Building Test Data @ SQL Saturday 449 (San Diego)

Now that this presentation has seen the light of day a few times, I’ve received some really helpful feedback. As a result, I’ve updated my test data builder overview presentation. The latest files are available from this site or directly from the event’s schedule page (links below).

Direct Download

Building Your Way to Better Database Testing – Phil Helmer – SQL Saturday SD 2015 #449

SQL Saturday schedule

I can’t give enough thanks to those people who have helped me improve the structure and content of this presentation. It’s a really broad topic and it has been really difficult editing down the material so that it would reasonably fit in the hour yet still provide enough information for further understanding.

While very few presentations are perfect, it does feel like the current version of these items is miles better than my first public draft.

Seeing as how I have to wake up in 5 hours, it’s time to hit the sack. See y’all bright and early tomorrow!

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